Reward and recognition programs are our speciality.

We can help you set up and run your rewards and recognition program.

Reward and recognition programs

Reward and recognition programs are a great idea if you are looking to inspire, motivate, and retain your employees. A well run rewards and recognition program will recognise the efforts of employees and reward them for their contribution. When integrated with a reward provider, your program should be easy to run and deliver measurable benefits to your organization. The onecode solution is all of this and more, learn more about our bespoke branded instant rewarding platform by enquiring below.

Rewards and recognition corporate hamper from Simply Thank You

The Simply Thank You approach

Simply Thank You are experts at enabling companies to run effective reward and recognition programs.  We  do this by having everything  you need to make your program a success without the need to involve other providers.  

  • Branded engagement platform (Desktop and Mobile)
  • An extensive range of digital and physical rewards
  • Dedicated account management
  • Branded management and reporting platforms
Simply Thank You Approach

How do rewards and recognition programs work?

Reward and recognition programs aim to improve employee performance and retention. It does this by linking an employee’s performance and behaviours to your company’s core values and performance targets. Good performance and/or behaviours are recognised and rewarded and this is then communicated with the other employees of your company. The best performers feel appreciated and your other employees feel motivated to try harder in future. Enquire today to learn how our onecode solution has benefitted our clients, giving them a way to not only reward, but track and improve employee performance.

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Program management

A good reward and recognition program should be easy to manage and deliver great results. This can be achieved by partnering with a suitable provider. Simply Thank You offers an engagement platform, known as onecode, that allows you to easily allocate rewards and for employees to easily use those rewards. The onecode platform is versatile to fit the exact requirements of any business, big or small, with the option to have a fully branded rewarding experience.

onecode demonstrating manager and employee incentives platform and employee rewards platform

Corporate Rewards

Simply Thank You offers an extensive range of gift cards and vouchers, hampers, flowers and gifts. Simply Thank You also offers the onecode, its most popular reward. The onecode solution is a digital multi retailer gift gift code that allows recipients to shop at over 150 top online retailers. It provides unparalleled choice for the recipient together with instant digital delivery.

Simply Thank You Branded apology gifts

Program reporting

The onecode reward and recognition platform provides an extensive set of out of the box reports that will cover all of your needs. To learn how the onecode can benefit your business, simply enquire by following the link below.