We are employee rewards program specialist with over 30 years experience.

Over 30 years experience

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Keep valuable employees and attract new ones

In today’s hyper competitive employment market, it has become extremely difficult to attract and retain the best talent. Having an employee rewards program is a great selling point for potential new employees. A well administered reward program can boost employee engagement, increase productivity and help massively with staff retention. 

We have the perfect employee rewards solution, the onecode. The onecode employee rewards platform offers a dynamic reward system that can be shaped to any businesses needs. Offering instant rewarding, employee performance report integrations, easy to use reward and redemption platforms, and much more, the onecode is everything an employee rewards platform needs.

employee reward being awarded to happy employee

Employee rewards for effort and results at work.

Employee rewards are a great way of showing your employees that their efforts are appreciated. However, picking the best way to show that appreciation can be difficult. Especially if you are looking after a large workforce. At Simply Thank You we have made it our mission to help companies choose and send the perfect rewards to their deserving employees.

That is why we created the Simply Thank You employee engagement platform and the onecode reward management platform. Together they allow you to easily reward your employees and for your employees to spend their rewards on a great range of digital and physical gifts that are sure to please anybody.

Reward and recognition being given to employee

Keep everyone happy with the onecode.

Onecode is a digital multi retailer gift code that allows recipients an almost unlimited amount of choice for their employee rewards. Onecode is sent by e-mail and SMS so delivery is almost instant. Onecode can be easily and quickly exchanged for over 150 top retailer e-gift cards that allow almost unlimited online shopping. Onecode can also be exchanged for an extensive range of physical gift cards, gift vouchers, hampers, flowers and gifts.

The STY reward management platform

Employee reward program management

An employee reward program should be easy to manage and deliver great results. The Simply Thank You employee engagement platform and one code reward management platforms are both industry leading and designed to be easy to use and quick to set up. All aspects of our platforms can be branded with your company livery to boost engagement and our mobile responsive interfaces allow you and your employees to self-serve on whatever device suits you best..