Customer apology programs are our forte’.

Simply Thank You are the experts in systemised customer apology programs.

We can help you say sorry

Sometimes things go wrong. But It is how we deal with the problem that defines us. We can help you deliver the perfect customer apology to help make things right. And follow it up with an apology gift delivered to your customer the next day. Doing this once is challenging but doing it right every time requires a systemised approach.

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Systemised customer apology programs

At Simply Thank You we’ve been helping businesses, including large global brands, say sorry for decades. Our concierge team can handle issues with a personal touch. While our online platforms enable your customer service teams to acknowledge a problem and send a customer apology gift in just a few clicks. Either way, the recipient receives a gift that they will appreciate and that is relevant to their situation.

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Do customer apology programs work?

Apology gifts are a great way to show your clients that you’re truly sorry for any inconvenience caused. We have been helping companies retail customers with corporate apology program for decades so we know from first hand experience how powerful these programs can be.

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Personalised or bespoke customer apology gifts?

Personalised customer apology gifts are a way to make an apology feel like a human interaction rather than generic response. With Simply Thank You, you can add your company logo and brand message to a range of luxury gifts, hampers and gift vouchers. Or pick something that’s perfect for the client. We can send flowers, food, custom toys for children, or we can even create a box including a gift card and everything they need to have a tea break and a moment of calm. Why not find out what we do for Santander, Cadent gas, Virgin Media / O2 and many more in this market by contacting us today. 
Simply Thank You Branded apology gifts

Eco friendly

We have now eliminated all plastic flower transport pots and replaced this with a more eco conscious felt option. Plastic tape will soon be replaced with eco paper tape (2023).  In our flower care pack the inner plastic wallet on the flower boxes will soon be replaced with a paper alternative meaning all flower boxes will now be recyclable. We are currently researching how we can replace the plastic cellophane with an eco-friendly paper alternative. For our fragile products, we are changing from the standard plastic airfill to a 100% recycled and biodegradable alternative called Flexi-Hex. This is just the start of our journey to offer sustainable gifts and decrease waste in our business over the long term. Now a customer apology gift is also a gift to the earth.

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