We are long service awards specialists with over 30 years experience.

Over 30 years experience

User friendly rewards management platform

Branded employee portal

Long service awards program management

Our long service awards programs are fully customisable to meet the unique needs and preferences of your recipients.

We offer a huge range of award options, including physical gifts, flowers, hampers, gifts and much more.

In addition, onecode, our multi retailer gift card or e-code, provides almost unlimited redemption possibilities.

Give your employees the gift of choice to help them celebrate their long and loyal service with you.

Long service award onecode gift card in someone's hand

Here are just some of the retailers where you can spend your onecode gift card.

The benefits of onecode

The onecode gift card can offer your business a multitude of benefits and advantages. These include:

1. Cards can be branded to your business.

2. Redemption portal can be branded to your business.

3. The range of reward options can be tailored to your requirements.

4. Cards can be sent out un-activated saving you money on secure delivery costs.

5. Bulk order discounts for businesses.

6. Cards can be any value.

Rewarding loyal employees is great for all your entire team.

We understand the importance of recognizing and appreciating your employees’ contributions to your organization. By acknowledging the dedication and commitment of your team, you can create a positive workplace culture that values hard work and fosters loyalty and retention. 

Our long service awards programs are designed to help you do just that, while also promoting employee morale, motivation, and satisfaction.

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Keep everyone happy with the onecode.

Onecode is a digital multi retailer gift code that allows recipients an almost unlimited amount of choice for their employee rewards. Onecode is sent by e-mail and SMS so delivery is almost instant. Onecode can be easily and quickly exchanged for 100’s of top retailer e-gift cards that allow almost unlimited online shopping. Onecode can also be exchanged for an extensive range of physical gift cards, gift vouchers, hampers, flowers and gifts.

Join other businesses that are already using Simply Thank You to manage their long service awards. These include Northumbrian Water, DHL and many more...

What are long service awards.

Long service awards are rewards or recognition given to employees who have dedicated a significant amount of time and service to a company or organization. These awards are typically given at specific milestones, such as 5, 10, 15, or 20 years of service.

The purpose of long service awards is to acknowledge and appreciate the commitment and contributions of employees who have remained loyal and committed to the company over an extended period of time. They serve as a way of showing gratitude and appreciation for the employee’s hard work and dedication, and can help to increase employee morale and motivation.

Long service awards can take many forms, such as a monetary bonus, a gift or voucher, a certificate of appreciation, or a trophy or plaque. The specific form of the award will depend on the company’s policies and the preferences of the employee being recognized.

Overall, long service awards can be a powerful tool for promoting employee loyalty and retention, and for building a positive workplace culture that values and rewards hard work and dedication.

Long service award onecode gift card in someone's hand