onecode is the perfect plaform to host your engagement or reward program.

the onecode platform is ideal to run your staff or customer engagement program.

The onecode platform is a versatile and powerful program management tool.

The onecode platform has been developed by Simply Thank You to help companies engage with their employees and customers. It allows program managers to simply and quickly distribute rewards and incentives and to track and measure the effectiveness of the program. The onecode platform also allows recipients an unrivalled choice of spending opportunities together with a simple to use interface.

onecode reward on mobile app platform for employee incentives and customer loyalty

onecode is the perfect reward for your recognition or incentive program.

onecode is a multi-retailer digital reward with almost unlimited redemption possibilities. It can be instantly exchanged for e-codes from over 150 top retail brands. onecode can also be exchanged for physical gifts from the Simply Thank You range as well as physical gift cards to spend in store.

Corporate incentive platform - screenshot 2

Onecode can streamline your reward or incentive program.

onecode is sent to your recipients via e-mail and sms. The onecode digital delivery system eliminates : a) Complex physical fulfillment issues b) Delivery delays c) Delivery costs d) Stock issues
onecode demonstrating manager and employee incentives platform and employee rewards platform

Where can I spend my onecode?

Onecode can be spent on numerous top retailers including:
a) Currys
b) Tesco
c) Asda
d) John Lewis
e) Argos
f) many more
As well as holidays, days out, dining flowers, gift items and so much more.


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