27 Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

27 Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

Get ready to make your team feel valued and appreciated with these 27 inspiring ideas for Employee Appreciation Day.

Mark your calendars because Friday, 1st March 2024, is Employee Appreciation Day – it’s the perfect time to show gratitude to the amazing people who make your workplace special.

Simply Thank You have been in the business of corporate gifting and rewards for decades, and by partnering with top-notch companies like Virgin Atlantic, Samsung, and Barclays, we’ve seen first-hand how investing in employee recognition and team building leads to stronger businesses and happy employees that stick around.

Here are 27 inspiring ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day and beyond.  Feel free to share your activities with Simply Thank You on your social media to boost your brand’s reputation.

27 Inspiring Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day 2024

1. Learning Experience Gift

Discover and nurture your team’s passions by surprising them with a budget to explore any learning experience that piques their interest. This could be photography or craftwork. Cultivating these interests, will help transform them into valuable life-skills that could be useful in your business.

2. Added Perks

Employee perks aren’t reserved for big corporations Consider offering enticing benefits like extra days off or gym memberships. These perks are more attainable than you might think and contribute to a relaxed, healthier, and more productive workforce.

3. Personalised Drinkware

Show appreciation to your hardworking team members with personalised stainless-steel tumblers, coffee mugs, or water bottles. Customising these items with their name (or nickname), favourite quote, or company logo adds a special touch to your gesture of gratitude.

4. Tickets to the Cinema

Show team members you care about the things they love with tickets to see their favourite movie – either as a pair of online tickets or better still – make it a team movie night. It’s a thoughtful way to create a deeper bond and have fun with your team.

5. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are always a winning gift idea for onsite staff and remote employees. Flowers make thoughtful employee appreciation gifts too. Show gratitude for someone’s hard work or loyalty by sending them beautiful bouquet from Simply Thank You, as a letterbox arrangement they can style at home.

6. Charitable Donation

Tap into your team members’ philanthropic spirit by making a charitable donation in their name. Consider supporting their favourite cause or even adopting an animal at the zoo as a team mascot.

7. Gift Hamper

A Simply Thank You gift hamper or pamper package will make a person’s day – especially when catered to their tastes and interest. Take notes on which items, hobbies, snacks, and trends your employee appreciate, and send a full-size hamper or mini gift hamper their way.

8. Seasonal Mini Gifts

Make your budget go further by assembling seasonal mini gift sets for your employees. Include thoughtful treats like candles, lip balm, chocolate, and accessories that match the time of year, especially the summer and Christmas seasons.

9. Free Lunch

Free food is hard to resist. Treat your team to a meal with Onecode gift cards redeemable at participating restaurants and grocery stores including ASDA and Marks and Spencer. Whether in-office or remote, a free food gesture is a great way to make teams feel connected and appreciated.

10. Favourite Drinks and Snacks

For an affordable, sweet way to say thank you, stock up on your employee’s favourite snacks and drinks. This is a small yet mighty employee appreciation gift idea that’s guaranteed to make someone smile. So stock up the fridge with their favourite cans of lemonade or colas or mail them a Simply Thank You chocolate gift box.

11. Book or Audible Credits

A physical book or audiobook credit from Amazon is an affordable and thoughtful gift. Ask members of staff to put together their wish list and surprise them with one of the books on their list – or use Onecode to send them a virtual card to spend with Amazon’s Audible. Business bonus – this gift is tax-deductible!

12. Cakes and Freshly Baked Goods

You don’t need to have a huge budget for gifts and employee engagement ideas. Fortunately, cakes and fresh baked goods make wonderful “Thank-you” gifts. Place a few candles on top and you’ve got a celebration! As they say, “It’s the thought that counts.”

13. Personalised ‘Thank You’ Note

Write a hand-written “Thank You” note of appreciation tailored to each team member’s accomplishments or contributions. Gift it with a bottle of wine or luxury chocolate bar for a meaningful and personalised touch.

14. Fun Company Holiday

Add some fun to your work week by designating a special holiday party or event to thank your employees. This builds relationships and creates a positive work-life balance, especially if you host a “bring your pets to work” day or a family fun day like a barbeque or picnic.

This may seem a tad ‘American’ – but works like magic for any UK businesses. You’ll be surprised at how many new work relationships and new friendships are forged at these events.

15. Sweets and Chocolate

Surprise your team with sweet treats like sweets and chocolate to brighten their day. These goodies are an affordable way to convey appreciation for their hard work and contribute to a positive work environment.

16. Public Shoutout

Extend appreciation beyond the office or workshop by publicly recognising your team’s efforts. Whether through company newsletters, social media posts, or shoutouts at meetings, public recognition is a sure-fire way to successfully boost morale and foster a sense of pride – plus it’s free!

17. At-Home Dining Experience Dinner on us

Make remote team members feel valued with an at-home dining experience. Gift them Onecode gift cards for their favourite takeout or delivery options, allowing them to enjoy a special meal with their loved ones.

18. Employee Happy Hour

Show appreciation and build rapport by hosting an epic ‘Happy Hour’ for your team. Providing drinks and nibbles definitely fosters a relaxed atmosphere where your team members can unwind and connect outside of work.

19. Digital Thank You Card

Express your gratitude to remote workers with a thoughtful digital “Thank You”. Why not gift a Onecode gift card that’s a convenient and meaningful reward to show appreciation without breaking the bank.

20. Lunch on the House

Employee appreciation gifts don’t have to be grand to be a meaningful gesture. Surprise your team members with lunch provided by you with a choice of where they’d like it ordered from. This tasty team gift is an easy and quick win to boost the mood every month and show some appreciation for recent achievements.

21. Chill-Out Zone

If you have the space and budget, invest in your team’s mental well-being by creating a designated ‘chill-out zone’ in an empty office. Equipped with comfy chairs, books, and a Nintendo console, this space provides a relaxing break during the workday. You can even ‘gift time’ to employees for a job well done.

22. Swag Bags

For bosses who have a bit of a budget to spend, Swag Bags are a guraranteed way to make your staff feel special and connected. Fill them with goodies such as sweet treats, company-logo merch (water bottles are popular) and a Onecode gift card to restaurants or shops.

23. Spend the Day Away

Nurture team bonding and relaxation by organising a field trip or outing away from the office. Whether it’s a visit to the zoo or a local museum, spending time together outside of work and getting to know your employees as individuals, strengthens relationships and will promote a healthy team dynamic.

24. Send Employees Home Early

Surprise your team and let them go home early to show appreciation for their hard work. This simple gesture allows them to enjoy extra time off and recharge.

25. Say Something Special

Regardless of budget, find meaningful ways to express appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day. Whether it’s a card, handwritten note, or a heartfelt email, acknowledging your team’s contributions boosts morale, respect and enhances performance.

26. Personal Growth Gifts

Support your team’s professional development by providing opportunities for learning and growth. Whether it’s attending workshops or gaining exposure to new experiences, investing in personal growth benefits both employees life-skills and the company.

27. Spend More Time with Employees

Every employee should have face time with their boss. Create stronger connections by meeting with your employees regularly. Simply schedule 30-minute one-on-one meetings each month to provide feedback, discuss opportunities for growth, and strengthen your working relationship.

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